Lady Emma Kitchener opens Princess Mary Gift Boxes from WW1

The Princess Mary Gift Boxes from WW1 are untouched for nearly 100 years.

Filmed at The Daily Mail Chalke Valley History Festival, Saturday 28th June 2014, Lady Emma Kitchener opens a sealed packing case which has remained untouched since the start of the First World War.

The unopened carton, contains eighty new and unused brass Princess Mary gift boxes, to be sent as gifts to the soldiers on the Western Front in Christmas 1914.

It is fitting that Lady Emma Kitchener, who is the great great niece of Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (whose face was made famous on the First World War recruitment poster ‘Lord Kitchener Wants You’), kindly agreed to open the packing case.

Intelligence Squared Debate: CVHF Preview

Ahead of today’s Intelligence Squared Debate, debating Scotland’s upcoming referendum on the country’s independence, CVHF has conducted an initial poll to see what our festival goers think about one the biggest constitutional issues in the United Kingdom’s history.

This morning on the CVHF site, we asked 50 people to vote either YES, NO or DON’T KNOW. Here are the results:

YES: 16%

NO: 64%


Check our website for results from the actual debate this afternoon and click here for more information on this event.

Exclusive interview with Jeremy Paxman – CVHF 2014

Notorious broadcaster and journalist Jeremy Paxman discusses with Xander Drury his recent book ‘Great Britain’s Great War’ as well as sharing his thoughts on his role as the ‘Grand Inquisitor’ and life after leaving Newsnight.

Jeremy Paxman at CVHF 2014

Jeremy Paxman at CVHF 2014