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CVHF_logotext_SCHOOLThree days of history featuring a wide range of curriculum-based subjects delivered by eminent historians including Tom Holland, Dr Irving Finkel, Prof. Peter Hennessy, David Gilmour, Dr Sam Willis, Prof. Margaret MacMillan, James Holland, Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Christopher Lloyd and Dan Snow.

school-most-entries-competitionFrom 1066, through the Tudors and the First World War, and the rise of the Nazis to the Second World War, the programme will offer a series of lectures, seminars, living history and inter-active demonstrations to bring history alive and inspire Year 12Year 10 and Year 6 students.

Please note – no children will be allowed into the event site unless accompanied by an adult or within a school or college group; this means anyone under 16 years of age. There will be a clearly demarcated Lost Child Point in the Ticket & Information Tent.

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